Airport Arrivals

People working in the modern business environment often have to travel.

Unfortunately, only few of them realize that there is a special service for VIP clients.

VIP Fast Track service is a service, which allows passengers to pass through routine procedures at airports much faster than usual. Besides, it also provides a number of other pleasant and necessary privileges inaccessible to most visitors. For example, you will be assigned a personal assistant who will meet you at the airport and help to take your luggage. You can also go through the airport security checkpoints much quicker, bypassing the long queues.

Our attendant will accompany you in your car to your destination and will carefully unload your luggage to go where you ask him to. Your personal assistant will be always available and will provide you with all the necessary help connected to the organization of transport and the orientation in the city.

In addition to that, he will provide you all the necessary information support.

All these things can help you make your trip more productive and relaxed.

Airport Departures

You can get the same features of our VIP Fast Track service during your departure from the airport, if you really need it.

In such case, you can also be met by our trained attendant right in the building of the airport.

He will greet you and help you to transfer and put your luggage safely. And again, you will be able to go through the passport control in a special terminal, bypassing the queue and saving your time. Instead of a long wait in the crowd, you can quietly relax and have a drink in a special private waiting room, where you will be waiting for your flight in a friendly and soothing environment.

After that, your assistant will accompany you directly to the aircraft and wish you a good flight.