We are pleased to introduce you our new service - Meet 'N' Greet!

If you have had to travel, then you perfectly know how easy it is to be confused for the first time getting into an unfamiliar airport.

One can quickly get lost in the maze of the airport building, in the endless stream of noisy crowds of people speaking different languages.

Besides, for a long time passengers have to wait in lines for the passport checkpoints and think of the occasional problems with luggage.

You can avoid all these problems by choosing our new Meet ‘N’ Greet service.

You will feel the warm atmosphere from the first minute of your staying in the airport, being met by our trained employee.

This person will accompany you to the passport check in the terminal, he will take all the solicitude with your luggage and will help you with other necessary things.

You will be surrounded by friendly care, which can save your precious time.

You can feel free from any worries related with your arrival or departure and indulge in your personal affairs.

With our new service you can be calm and confident in any airport. You always will be in time, your luggage will be in complete order and ready for any further transportation.

Choose our new service and forget all your worries!