Airport Arrivals

We have recently developed a brand new service - VIP ULTIMATE SERVICE.

It would be very interesting even for the most demanding customers. So, we can offer you an expanded and improved version of our FAST TRACK SERVICE.

First, you will be met by your personal assistant, who will take your luggage and provide its safety and transportation.

Then you will go through the passport control, bypassing the queue, and finally, the luxury limousine will be waiting for you near the entrance. Here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a cozy private office where you can safely continue your work using the Internet and the office equipment.

Or you prefer to relax in front of the TV screen, or flip through the different periodical publications.

In addition to that, there is a bar with some nice drinks.

Airport Departures

Our new service - VIP ULTIMATE SERVICE - offers you an advanced and luxurious alternative for the FAST TRACK SERVICE for your departure, too.

While using the service, you will be met by our trained attendant, who will help you put the luggage in the car.

Then you will be taken to the airport.

You will pass the check in the passport control out of the turn, and then you will be accompanied to a special private lounge of the airport, where you can relax in comfortable surroundings and wait for your flight.

Here you can order some drinks or snacks, use the internet or quietly watch TV, while your personal assistant will deal with your luggage. When the time comes, the car will arrive again to take you to your aircraft.

Then, the member of our team will escort you on board of the plane and make sure that everything is all right.